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Post Free Classifieds Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I change or edit my ad?

In the upper right corner there is a button labeled 'Modify / Delete This Ad'. Just click on the button and enter the username and password you used to create the ad.

Q: Where did my ad go?

Missing ads are usually due to one of two reasons. 1) The ad violated one of our posting policies or 2) The ad has expired. 3) Sometimes ads do not show up right away. Please check back after a while. Please note: If you post a business ad, and it is obvious that it is not for a business that has a physical address in the city to which it was posted, it WILL get deleted.

Q: How long will my ad last?

Classified Ads: Up to 4 weeks Event Ads: Until the event is over. Business Ads: 6 months. You will then receive an email asking you to verify that you want to keep it active.

Q: Do you have any tips for posting free ads?

We sure do: Classified Ad Posting Tips

Q: Why do business ads have to be verified every 6 months?

This allows us to try to keep accurate business information on the site. If a company has gone out of business, we don't want the ad to show anymore.

Q: Why can't I post the same ad to different cities?

MyAdMonster was created to be a marketplace for local communities. The concept is that people want to sell, and find/buy items near where they live. However, we are looking at ways to get your ads to neighbouring areas.

Q: Why can't I post the same ad more than once?

There are many people who would post their ad ten or more times at once just to get their ad noticed. This would do no good for anyone looking to find items, and would also make it harder for people who want to sell items. It also makes the site look junky.

Q: Will my ads show up in search engine results?

Absolutely! The search engine spiders are crawling our site all day long. A couple of days after you post your ad, just Google your ad title. It should show up in the first few lines.

Q: I really appreciate being able to post an ad for free. How can I show my appreciation?

Well, you can help us help you! Tell all your friends and family to post their free ads on You can also post links in blogs or social networking websites ( like MySpace or Facebook ). Just make a link to and use the link text Free Ads.

Q: How can I send a comment, suggestion, complaint, question?

You can submit any of these via this form: Contact Us