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Dell Boomi Training Classes (Free)

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DellBoomi Atmosphere Training
Go Trainings are leader in Dell Boomi Training and Dell Boomi Atmosphere is very conducive for online training courses in India. We provide quality online training and corporate training courses by real time facility and well trained software specialists. Our IBM Dell Boomi training is considered and rated as the best training in Hyderabad by students who taken Boomi Dell Software online training with us.

Please open below link for complete course content

Dell Boomi Course Content

1. Introduction to AtomSphere
2. Getting Started Boomi
3. Account Setup
4. Dashboard Filters, Offline Atoms Gadget
5. Atoms, Molecules and Atom Clouds
6. Build
i. Working with
ii. Connector Components
iii. Process
iv. Certificate Components
v. Cross Reference Table Components
vi. Document Cache Components
vii. Map Function Components
viii. Process Property Components
ix. Profile Components
x. Queue Components
xi. Trading Partner Components
xii. Web Service Components
7. Deploy: Deploy Page,Searching for Components to Deploy by Filter or by Name
8. Manage: Process Reporting, Atom Management, Cloud Management
9. Miscellaneous
10. AtomSphere Process Developer I Certification
Please contact for more details
Go Training Institute
India Ph:+91 9063320459
Mail :
Website :