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Yamaha PM5D-RH Digital Mixing Console (For Sale)

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Console comes with the latest software from Yamaha.

This is the console of choice worldwide, the Yamaha 5-D RH

Yamaha PM-5D RH. This console is the state of the art in live sound. It does it all. A Monitor or House console

This is the console everybody wants. Excellent condition and perfect working order. Console comes with 2 POWER SUPPLIES WITH LIGHTS and CABLE WITH SPECTRUM ROAD CASE.

This console is fully loaded and comes with:
1-Pm5d-RH console
1-Road case for Pm5d-RH with doghouse
2 Psu's PW800
2 MY8-AD96 cards - for up to: 16 extra inputs for analog s
2 MY8-DA96 cards - for up to: 16 extra outputs for analog s

Console comes with 30 day full warranty. We assure you will be pleased with our console.