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Ad Category:
Computer Software
Posted By:
jayanti @brsoft
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Hire Augmented Programmers From India (For Sale)

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Hire Augmented Programmers from India
Hire Augmented Programmer's from BR Softech Pvt.Ltd. BR Softech is offering onsite services to its valued customers. Our expert of augmented reality can inform our clients fascinate and better than at the same time. Web pages are augmented with animation and 3D models for the specific Items which is shown in various elements of the catalogue pages for the customer.

Development Services:
1. 3D Gaming
2. Advertisement
3. GPS Applications
4. Media applications
5. Emergency Response
6. Travel Applications
7. Health Applications
8. Fashion Applications

Contact Us Now:
Jayanti Singh
Skype: brsoftech
Phone: +INDIA (+91)7821055540 ,(+91)9982201414 (What's App / Viber)