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Business Services
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Ontario > Toronto
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Custom Printed High Quality Canopy Tent (For Sale)

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DXP Display(Division of Digital Xpressions) has served over 3000 clients across the Canada and USA and are still counting.

Our Custom Printed Canopy Tents are made from the best quality material.
The materials of canopies tents used are durable and long lasting with customized print. Most of event display carries more time for installation but in case of canopies it is so easy to assemble just you have pop it and the tent is ready to display for an outdoor events.

We offer Custom printed High Quality Canopy Tents in various sizes. Check out here:
Canopy Tent 10ft x 10ft - CAD $745.00
Canopy Tent 10ft x 15ft - CAD $1,245.00
Canopy Tent 10ft x 20ft - CAD $1,395.00

Contact Us:
DXP Display
Tel: (905) 761-7010 | Toll Free: 1-866-940-7010
Visit us:
Email: sales [at]
Address: 30 Pennsylvania Avenue, Unit 5 Vaughan, ON L4K4A5.