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Business Services
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Ontario > Toronto
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High Quality Canopy Tents With Custom Pr (For Sale)

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DXP Display offer wide range of "" target="_blank" Title=" Custom Printed Canopy Tents "> Custom Printed Canopy Tents take care from design, quality to shipping.
It is an ideal promotional, impact advertising and marketing tool for all gathering events.
Canopy Tent 10ft x 10ft - CAD $745.00
Canopy Tent 10ft x 15ft - CAD $1,245.00
Canopy Tent 10ft x 20ft - CAD $1,395.00

We also offer many different display product lines from trade show booths, banner stands, hanging signs to portable trade show displays to full custom exhibits.

Contact Us:
Display Solutions
Address: 30 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Unit 5 Vaughan, ON L4K4A5.
Tel: (905) 761-7010 | Toll Free: 1-866-940-7010