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Star Wars Tie Fighter SW-2201 PortableLP (For Sale)

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Feeding a squadron of Imperial pilots can be tricky. Thankfully there's the TIE fighter edition Broilchef portable BBQ. In place of twin ion engines, this grill has a #304 stainless steel burner that puts out 10,000 BTUs of grilling power. The pride of the Imperial Navy, this grill use cast aluminum alloy to production a TIE Fighter designer X support body legs, with Imperial cast iron cooking grids.
Features a TIE Fighter-inspired designer cast aluminum alloy lid, body with Imperial design cast iron cooking grids.
Propane gas grill offers more precise temperature control than charcoal grills.
A single #304 stainless steel burner delivers 10,000 BTUs of grilling power so you can cook food in record time for a small number of guests.
220 sq. in. of total cooking surface lets you grill up to 9 burger patties at the same time.
cast iron cooking grates conduct heat evenly cook.
Electric Igniter system allows you to start the grill up quickly.
Cast aluminum alloy knob ensures you have the precise control you need for perfectly seared meats.
Built-in thermometer lets you accurately monitor your grill temperature.
Durable, cast aluminum alloy bowl and lid offers 25 years long-lasting use.
Durable, cast aluminum alloy TIE Fighter Legs support design offers 25 years long-lasting use.
Durable, 2 cast aluminum alloy removable side shelves to make food prep easy.
Check your manual for any special cleaning instructions.
Can use both way 1 LB or 20 LB Hoses and regulator included, easy for