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Buy Clothes Hangers In Bulk For Clothing (For Sale)

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With Yeelin Arts and Crafts Factory as your chief manufacturer, get best deals on clothes hangers, accessories and mannequins. Buy Rubberized Hangers and Vintage Brass Clothes Hangers of the finest quality from us, and organize your store without any concern. What makes us your out-of-the-box choice? Here are some features:

1. We supply hangers in every size, material and shape, i.e. from wooden, satin to rubber and plastic.
2. Our range of Vintage Brass Clothes Hangers help to add an antique touch to the store, hence attracting visitors!
3. With a flexible approach, we welcome a customized strategy to style a wardrobe.

Give your clothing store a refreshing makeover by installing quality hangers in various styles, colors and shapes. Explore the website or call us for further assistance!

Contact Info:

Phone: 86-773-6986366