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Teach In Guangzhou, China (For Sale)

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p stylemarginbottom 0in A training center opportunity in Tianhe district Guangzhou is available for dynamic and inspirational native English teachers to start immediately The teaching location is near Zhujiang New Town metro station This position would suit a candidate with an enthusiastic passionate and committed personality to take on this brilliant role pp stylemarginbottom 0inpp stylemarginbottom 0instrong Job Descriptionstrongpp stylemarginbottom 0in Teaching Englishpp stylemarginbottom 0in You are required to teach training center students pp stylemarginbottom 0in The students are aged from 312 years old stylemarginbottom 0in The class size is no more than 12 students per class pp stylemarginbottom 0inpp stylemarginbottom 0instrong Benefitsstrongpp stylemarginbottom 0in The base salary is 13000 RMB per month with 2 months probation higher salary depending on your teaching experience and qualifications pp stylemarginbottom 0in Z visa provided pp stylemarginbottom 0in3000 RMB housing allowance provided per month pp stylemarginbottom 0in Paid extra hours bonus pp stylemarginbottom 0in Double paid salary after completing 2 years contract pp stylemarginbottom 0inspan ingenuousness provided on base of new students head accountspan pp stylemarginbottom 0inspan langen USCandidates who are good enough will have the chance to lead the teacher teaspoon stylemarginbottom 0inpp stylemarginbottom 0instrong Working Schedulestrongpp stylemarginbottom 0in Work 5 days per week with 40 working hours including 25 teaching hours and 15 preparation hours 45 Min's per class 2 days off stylemarginbottom 0inspan lankness Extra hours will be paid 200 RMB per hour basis span pp stylemarginbottom 0inpp stylemarginbottom 0instrong Qualificationsstrongpp stylemarginbottom 0in Native English speakers pp stylemarginbottom 0in BA degree or higher education pp stylemarginbottom 0in TEFLTESOL certificate is preferred pp stylemarginbottom 0in At least 1 year teaching experience pp stylemarginbottom 0in Accept candidates just graduated pp stylemarginbottom 0in Be responsible for students pp stylemarginbottom 0in Have good English Reading Writing ability pp stylemarginbottom 0inpp stylemarginbottom 0in We welcome experienced teachers whop

Salary: 13000 CNYRMB /Month
Housing: 3000 RMB housing allowance provided per month
Contract type: Full time
Work visa provided: Yes
Teaching Students age: Training center Children
Work Location: Tianhe, Guangzhou
Working hours: Work 5 days per week with 40 working hours including 25 teaching hours and 15 preparation hours 45 Min's per class few office hours 2 days off
Positions available: 3

- Teaching experience
- Degree in any field
- Passport holders

To apply via our website copy this link into your browser: