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Utter Pradesh
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Go4hosting Shared Hosting Plans (For Sale)

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Go4hosting is the ultimate name in the field of web and applications hosting solutions. We offer business email hosting, web hosting, and cloud computing services to companies across different industry verticals.
If you are a small but growing business and you seek the most efficient shared hosting plans, you can come to us for world class, performance driven services and plans.

We offer:

Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited email accounts and FTP accounts
MySQL databases support

Here are the key benefits of Go4hosting Shared Hosting plans:

1. Easy to use control panel to manage the website
2. Six-zone security model to keep your sensitive data and applications safe and secure
3. Automated data backup to keep your data safe
4. Support for MS Access, MySQL databases, and MS SQL
5. 99.95% network uptime
6. Carrier-neutral facility
7. Instant server deployment
8. Round the clock dedicated, expert support
9. Powerful servers
10. Server monitoring, management, and maintenance

Still not convinced about us, and have questions youd like to ask? Just call us at 1-800-212-2022 or live chat with our technical sales team at our website to get the answers for all your queries.

SDF Block G-13/14
Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ)
Phase II, Noida 201 305
Ph: 0120-6277700
Fax: 0120-6277766