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Ad Category:
Vacation Rental
Posted By:
Metro Manila
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632 525 5555

Tropicana Suites (Notice)

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Central location, comfort and convenience are all hallmarks of customer satisfaction in hotel
accommodations. Tropicana Suites offers these and much more. Located in the district of Malate, where business, culture and education are at their defining best, Tropicana Suites is at the heart of the City of Manila. In addition to its proximity to one of Metro Manila's most distinct hubs, the hotel is accessible to airports, public transport, shopping destinations, dining establishments, cultural and historical sites and nightspots. Tropicana Suites is truly a home away from home with 9 stories of 100 spacious and well-appointed rooms that are testaments to comfort and convenience. Guests will also be pleased to know that Tropicana Suites prides itself in its friendly and professional staff, who are available at any time of the day.