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Business Services
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0800 175 571

Buy Online Blue Regular Classic Vests (For Sale)

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The blue regular classic vest is a simple safety vest with no bells and whistles if you purchase the orange one it is road compliant (TTMC) and can be worn on the roads. The pink, blue and yellow are not compliant for the roads but can be worn in the work place, schools, or events. Currently we do not do STMS vests but we are looking into this.
They are made from a high quality reflective material with a high quality zip.
The Blue Classic Vest is brand new and we got it because it is different. If it sells and if you want different colours we will get them and continue to stock them.
Measurement across the chest from armpit to armpit (we promise the vests are new and wont smell).

Contact us at :-
0800 175 571
6A Earl Richardson Ave, Manukau, Auckland 2104