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Medical Tourism In - South Africa- CPT (Notice)

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Master Medtur specializes in medical tourism in South Africa. Our services cover a wide range of proceedings from scheduling doctor's appointments to booking tourist activities. We pride ourselves on being fast, efficient and discrete

The benefits of choosing Cape Town as your medical destination
- A World Leader in medicine since 1967
- First class Surgeons at a fraction of the cost of European and US countries
- Soak up the sun and explore South Africas exotic wildlife
-and dont forget the beautiful, relaxing locations to ease your recovery

We can help you with the following
1. Finding a specialist suited to your procedure
2. Provide comprehensive quotation
3. Organize doctors appointment and medical itinerary
4. Organize medical treatments
5. Pre-and post op care services
6. Interpreter and personal assistant services
7. Follow up services
8. Organize trips, tours or visits to various site seeing spots in and around Cape Town
9. And so much more

Each client is guaranteed a tailored, unique experience that is suited to their specific requirements. Message us for more information or to request a quote.