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ADVENTURE PARKS For Adrenalin Junkies! (For Sale)

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ADVENTURE PARKS for adrenalin junkies!

We're looking for people who may be interested in investing in a new idea - Franchises for 'Aerial Parks - in your country. Having read below, please contact me - - for further information.


Immerse yourself in an eco-friendly aerial adventure park!

We offer adrenalin junkies of all ages the opportunity to participate in an aerial adventure park, while experiencing the thrill of personal challenge and physical exercise, combined with the excitement of doing all this several metres off the ground.

An aerial park can take advantage of existing trees, or it can be installed using wooden or steel poles, or a combination of those techniques, as the location dictates.

Safety is paramount. All safety equipment and aerial games meet the most stringent European safety standards. Adventurers are permanently attached to a steel cable retention system, with absolutely no chance of unclipping themselves and falling.

We offer two options a fixed aerial park which can be situated outdoors or permanently built inside a structure, or a mobile park which can be erected on a temporary basis at community events, schools and even shopping centres.


We offer investors the opportunity to create their own successful business while benefitting from the expertise offered by the Franchisor.

Sorry - not enough space to continue - pls contact me.