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Ad Category:
Computer Software
Posted By:
Melbourne, VIC
Date Posted:
Date Expires:

C#/.NET Developer (Window Service) (Wanted)

Strong experience in C#/.NET, Window Service & network protocols

Permanent role

Our client is renounced CMMI Level 5 IT consulting company with client all across the globe. We are looking for a candidate for:

Term: Permanent
Level of Experience : 5-8 years
Location: Sydney

Primary Skill Set :
Very good experience in Architecting the products and Hands on C#, .NET, Windows services, Ethernet and serial based protocols
What is on offer:

Permanent Role
Good remuneration + Other Benefits
How to apply:
Please apply on the link:
or, send your d resume to
Appetency Recruitment Services
Call us at: 03 8560 3750

Other titles for this role in other organisation might be: .NET Developer, C# Developer, Embedded Developer, Embedded Software Developer, Software Developer, Full Stack Developer, Senior Software Engineer, Network protocols software engineer, Network Drivers Software Engineer, Gaming Engineer, ATM Software Developer