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Ronald Cole
Los Angeles
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Hollywood Tour With LAdventure Tour (Notice)

What comes to your mind when you hear Los Angeles? Hollywood, right! Well, now you can enjoy the best of Hollywood in our curated Hollywood tour. We are LAdventure tour and we offer some of the best Hollywood tour packages. Be it the oh-so-famous Hollywood sign or The Sunset Strip, we will cover all that would make the perfect memory for you. From the classic locations in LA to the unique locations, we cover it all.

There are several key locations that are touristy yet important for your LA Hollywood tour. Places like the Hollywood Boulevard and the walk of fame hold a lot of importance in the history of cinema. We will take your best interest into consideration and personalize the tour for you. However, as we said, some places can't be left out from the tour no matter what. Some must-visit places that will be covered in the tour are:

Hollywood Boulevard: The iconic place which houses several theaters, hotels, shooting sets, and even the famous walk of fame.
Hollywood Sign: Originally created in the year 1923, this iconic sign is a never-miss in a Hollywood tour.
The Sunset Strip: A quintessential part of every tour, this strip houses the most popular bars and clubs.
Celebrity Homes: There are several celebrity homes in the Beverly Hills and we don't want you to miss out on clicking pictures there.