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Best Event Management College India (Notice)

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College of Event Management,logistics,wedding planning,design and decor courses at Rachnoutsav Events Academy,hyderabad,india.Tie ups with leading event management companies for placing of students who are in near completion of their course.
We impart training's on how to plan beautiful weddings and organize milestone parties, business meetings, and industry events for private and corporate clients Completing this course from our Academy gives you recognition of being a wedding event planning professional as our Academy is one of the top event management training institute
which enables to begin your your job career much early when compared with other professions.

Contact us to get to know about the different courses we offer and enroll in your course of interest.
Contacst Address
Rachnoutsav Events Academy
Block No. 401 & 402, HMDA, Maithrivihar Commercial Complex, Satyam Theatre Lane,Opp. to Blue Fox Hotel, Ameerpet, Hyderabad,Telangana,India 500038
M:+91 9848012241