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Public Primary ,Middle ,high School And (For Sale)

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Sichuan Shining Me Education Consulting Co. Ltd (Shining Me Education) is a professional company that provides foreign teachers with supervision and management service for kindergartens, schools, and colleges. We are committed to develop teaching foreign language on-line and other new models for education as well. With a history of over four years, our company's predecessor is Chengdu Shining Me Cultural Communication Co., Ltd, developing and exploring English teaching and training market with great efforts. Our company has gathered abundant resources and rich experience in the field, and we have provided our services for more than 50 customers in Chengdu region. In the future, we will expand service area to the whole of Sichuan province. With the implementation of National Education Reform and Development of long-term planning, more co-operations between companies and campus will be need to accelerate the process of equalization, modernization, information, and internationalization. Shining Me Education will strive hard to become a good partner to assist our customers with improving English language teaching and training. Details of Position The vacancies include 2 teachers of international senior high school, 6 teachers of public elementary and middle school (gender non-specific) and 6 teachers of private kindergarten (gender non-specific). The positions are located in Sichuan province which belongs in Southwest area of China; The oral English teachers will work from Monday to Friday, 20 classes per week and each class will be 40-45 minutes. There are around 50 students in one classroom in the public elementary/junior middle schools and about 35 students per classroom in the kindergartens; some positions are with two or three campuses nearby. The actual working schedule will be flexible depending on the schools' needs and will be arranged within 8: 30 Am-12: 00 AM and 2: 30 PM- 5: 00 PM. Qualifications Native English speaker ONLY Bachelor degree or above notarized Clean criminal record certificate TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate holder preferred but not necessary Experience - Preferred but not necessary. Inexperienced teachers strongly encouraged to apply Enjoy working with children, Great personality and high energizers and responsible Accept Chinese culture Excellent physical and mental health Salary and Benefits Promotion opportunities - build a teaching career Experience the Chinese culture deeply. Learn Chinese Mandarin Taste delicious Chinese food Make Chinese friends Help kids in an undeveloped area One or two Yearly Contract (Renewable) Sponsored working visa Competitive Local Salary 1200-1600 USD per month Holidays: summer holiday 1-2 months, winter holiday 1 month plus Chinese public holidays and following the employer's arrangement. 3000 CNY living allowance for summer holiday (if it is 2 months) and 2000 CNY for winter holiday6000 CNY Air ticket allowance after one year's contract completion Free Lunch on working da