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Adventures Scuba Diving In Andaman (Free)

Ever experienced the pleasure of scuba diving? If not, you must try it out when you go to the Andamans to have a never-before-experience! Located in the Bay of Bengal, around some 1000 kms from India, Andaman is where you can escape to for a lifetime experience. And, while you are here, one thing you shouldnt miss out is the Adventures Scuba Diving in Andaman.

Andaman is far away from fancy restaurants, shopping malls, night clubs, and discotheques. But, what it has to offer is lots of romance and adventure. And, what would it be if you miss out exploring one of the largest varieties of coral and marine life on the planet while you are at this island!? Get to the Neil Island to experience some of the rarest views of marine life, not seen anywhere else. Andaman Holiday Packages can arrange the best day trip scuba diving at the Neil Island for you. This would be the perfect choice if you want to experience scuba diving in a controlled and safe environment.


CARI Road, Bathu Basti
Port Blair
Andaman & Nicobar Islands

+91 9933217366