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+91 93526023

Metal Bobbin Manufacturers In India (For Sale)

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With state-of-the-art workshops equipped with the most modern machines for manufacturing of textile machinery parts, Trim Engineering Services has been successful at bringing about top quality production and on-time delivery, making it one of the most promising metal bobbin manufacturers in India today. Our specialized, experienced, and professional staff has also enabled us to assure an excellent standard of production with our high-end precision machines, and latest and accurate measuring and testing instruments. Our team of experienced managers and highly skilled workers brings about credible production that can prove to be your strength to compete globally.

As leading metal bobbin manufacturers in India, we manufacture the best of bobbins for fishnet twine industries, tyre cord industries, spinning industries, juts industries, silk industries, rope yarn industries, and many others. Our bobbins are also used in a wide range of applications like cable twisters, torrey twisters, ring twisters, Up twisters, reminders, TFO machines, Allma machines, different ring Dia machines, and many more. Other than metal bobbins, we also manufacture a range of nylon flange bobbins, wooden bobbins, phenolic flange bobbins, plastic bobbins, and aluminum bobbins. We can also customize bobbins as per your specific requirements.


Phone: +91 9352602343

Trim Engineering Services,
H-222, Kuber Industrial Area,
Ranpur, Kota,
Rajasthan - 325003