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What Would You Do With Your Time (Free)

What Would You Do With Your Time If You Didnt Have To Go To Work?

"In 2013 I was working hard in the corporate world, pricing healthcare contracts for the British Forces. Life was good, great income, access to tax free goods, free housing and utilities. I should have been really happy but, I wasnt. All this came at a price. I was travelling between Germany and London almost every week. Id get up at 3am to be in London by 10:30 for meetings and then back home to Germany usually just after midnight. I had climbed the corporate ladder and had nowhere else to go. Id reached a plateau. Was this my life for the next 20 years? No recognition from my bosses or peers, working crazy hours that was just getting me stressed and tired. International travel sounded great to begin with but, when youre doing it as a commute, spending hours hanging around airports and then being herded like cattle through check-in and onto the plane, squashed tight packed in like sardines, the novelty soon wears off. I couldnt bear the thought of doing that any longer. The big question was what else could I do.......Fast forward a couple of years and Ive now got hope, there is another way. I was lucky enough to watch some great free training on how the internet is changing the way we all do business and the opportunities to change your life it provides.

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