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Toki City
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Sales Representative At Gifu, Japan (For Sale)

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[Position] Sales Representative

[Location] Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

1. Marketing Research of the market
2. Visiting Clients (hearing survey of what kind of products are in demand)
3. Sharing the result of research with engineers
4. (After the development of a new product by engineers), Presentation for clients.

Japanese - business level (N2)
English Native level
Experience in Sales representative

Familiar with CERAMIC SUBSTRATE products, or Electronic components, semiconductors, chemistry, materials industry

Monthly 250,000 400,000 Yen
Annually 4,000,000 yen 6,500,000 yen (bonus included)
Bonus: Twice a year / each amount: monthly salary x 2

[Working hours]
08:15 17:15 (1 hour lunch break) overwork 20 40 hours on average per month

・Several Insurance
・Travel fee (up to 30,000 yen)

[How to Apply]
Please send your resume at