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Johor Bahru
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Kitchen Crew / Chef - Urgent Hiring!! - (Free)

District 9 Bistro (Johor Bharu)

Were Hiring Urgent Hiring!!

Were thrilled to announce that we are expanding our team and currently looking for Chef and Kitchen Crew to run the overall operation of the caf.

Job Type: Full-time & Part-Time

We are looking for energetic individuals to be a part of our team! Apply now to join our team!

Interested applicants, please kindly submit your d resume in to

Please include the following information in your resume:
1)Education Background
2)Work Experiences in point form
3)Current & Expected Salary in RM (Ringgit Malaysia)
4)Date of availability

For more details and information or to send in your resume, you can contact us and Whatsapp us at 016-4767327 or 010-2057867 or +6592284688 or email us at