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Ad Category:
Professional Services
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Taren Point
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1300 883 806

Building And Pest Inspection In NSW (For Sale)

Would like to get a good price for the building? Get the comprehensive home & building inspection services from one of the oldest & reliable building inspection service providers in New South Wales Housecheck NSW at low price. Housecheck NSW offers thorough, comprehensive building inspections in NSW and exact building reports on all structural components of a home. 24 hrs available so call us now at (04) 2410 4613 for immediate response. We also provide pre-purchase inspections, pest inspections, pool & spa inspections, property inspection services. We're a proud member of HIA (The Housing Industry Association). We're one of the most trusted building inspectors for the best deal on your building purchase.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections NSW:

If you find a specific area or item you need inspected and reported on, these may be added to among the pre-purchase structural and/or the structural plus check up reports. For more information

Swimming Pool Certification Services:

Get a pool inspection and swimming pool certification service from us. Visit -

Contact Details:

Unit 8,
17-21 Mangrove Lane,
Taren Point,