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Get Occupational Health Services (Notice)

Get Occupational Health Services - Anywhere and Everywhere in Canada

Horizon focuses on providing all aspects of worker health management and has been delivering occupational health services for 30 years. We provide a full range of health services such as on-site nurses and paramedics, on-call physicians, surveillance programs, pre-employment health screenings, first responder emergency services, primary care, MEDEVAC/incidence response, disability management and health risk prevention services.
We support our clients by providing medical thought leadership, diverse experience, regulatory expertise, flexibility of location, customizable medical solutions and clinical excellence. We are here to support our clients to save their money, to protect their workforce and to protect their company.
Our mission is to be our clients medical experts by delivering customized leading edge solutions that support the development of healthy, safe and productive workforces.
For any query, call us at: toll free number: 866-661-1476 and visit at: