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Business Services
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San Antonio
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SEO Specialist & SEO Consultant | SE (Free)

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Shajee Fareedi is a professional SEO Services Provider, SEO Consultant and SEO Trainer in Pakistan with years of experience in the Search Engine Marketing. Shajee Fareedi, providing SEO Services and Consultancy worldwide to their clients and SEO Trainings for students who have interest in Web Marketing or SEO to teach them to rise above the rest in their Market.

Shajee have optimized about 100+ Website since he is providing SEO Services and consultancy and after the more than enough knowledge and experience in the SEO, He has Started SEO Training Program to teach SEO to Marketing Related Students to help them grow significantly with the fast paced competition of job in the Marketing Industry.
Shajee Fareedi believes that the more skills you have, the more chance you have to grow significantly. And the SEO Is one of the most important skill for the students who belongs to the marketing background. Because all the business are jumping to the web and soon, Web will cover the more % in the sales.

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