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Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City
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Supplier Of Talc Powder In India Price S (For Sale)

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Supplier of Talc Powder in India Price Shri Vinayak Industries
Shri Vinayak Industries offer Talc Powder in best Price. We offer variety in quality natural mineral produced through verification & fine grinding. We are acknowledged as one of the reliable company for Talc mineral Suppliers. Talc is a soft hydrous magnesium silicate with a soapy feel pearly luster. The powder is fine smooth and is high temperature disinfection treated, can effectively absorb the redundant moisture. Talcum Powder is softest known mineral.
Shri Vinayak Industries
Number- 91-9828565260, +91-9314401751
Address: 1-Shiva Ji Nagar, Opp. RSS Office, Udaipur 313001 (Raj.) INDIA
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