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16000-20000RMB (after Tax) Training Cent (For Sale)

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16000-20000 RMB (after tax)+ Training Center Teachers Needed in Guangzhou, Foshan, D ongguan., Shenzhen

We are searching for professionals who are serious and passionate about teaching and living abroad in China! Many top schools in the booming cities of China are seeking positive individuals to teach English and to learn from you

Location: Guangzhou, Foshan, D ongguan., Shenzhenbeijing

Type: School

Working hours: Monday – Friday, classes wil l be betw een 8:00 AM-1 2:00 AM, and 2:30 PM-5:30 PM.

Job Description

Work Hours: 18 teaching hours (your actual teaching hour will less than 18 hours) + 15 office hours we ekly;

Maximum 25 classes / week, each class being 45 mi nutes

Contract Period

1st / September. 2018 – 15th / July. 2019

Positions are two semesters or longer. Arrive one week early for training, cultural immersion, and s chool/apartment place ment.

The Payment would be between 14,000 – 25000 RMB per month or moredepending on your qu alifications and abilities.

Flights to China can be offered upfront.

We are looking for candidates that:

Native English speaker (no strong ac cent) wit h a bachelor’s degree.+ TEFL/TESOL Or Celta teaching certification, (which is a class you can take online.) You MUST have a passport or residence card from America, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zeala nd, South Africa, or the UK.
Teachers must be honest, hardworking, responsible, mature, have excellent communication skills, easy going, desire to learn about new cultures, and energetic.
Must be between 22-55 years old and able to perform all kinds of activities with students (jumping, wa lking, gesturing, standing for entire classes, etc.) Special teaching skills such as dancing, singing, art, music, or abilities to teach AP level classes will increase your pay
Non-criminal backgroun d check
Reference letter to show that you have been a q ualified employee (required for Chinese Visa.)
After accepted to work for AAA, you will need to provide a copy of your valid passport and medical report.

As initially a teacher for this comp any in China for 3 years, I would highly recommend

this experience to escape the “western bubble” while having a wonderful new experience Please check out our website at www. and feel free to e-mail me with your resume, que stions, or concerns. Hope to hear f rom you soon

Payment details:

1. The Payment would be between 14,000 – 25000 RMB per month Io dep ending on your qu alifications and abilities.

2. Unlike most other education companies, we will get you a government issued working Z visa. No ne ed to travel outside the country every 30 days and work illegally

3 Opportunities to teach all ages. We currently cooperate with hundreds of provincial elite schools, includ ing kind ergarten, prim ary, middle, high schools, colleges a nd universities