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Home » International Classifieds » China Classifieds » Teach English In Deyang, Students Ages 1

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Teach English In Deyang, Students Ages 1 (For Sale)

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School Type: College
Location: Deyang, Sichuan
Working Hours: Less than 16 hours/week
Sutdent Range: 19-22
Vacancies: 3

About Us

- Located in the city of Deyang, Sichuan
- Industrial city but famed for being remarkably clean
- Surrounded by mountain ranges and countryside
- Very good air quality
- Free accommodation
- Good support from school liaiso n
- Plenty of restaurants and snack bars to taste local cuisine- Located i n the city of Deyang, Sichuan

City Introduction

Sichuan is a place of wild beauty and splendid culture, a place of tradition, modernity and prosperity, a place the panda’s call home. With more than 4000 tourist attractions including 7 world heritage sites, it is one of the top 3 places to visit in China. Explore its awe-inspiring mountains, rivers and valleys, and discover the vibrant culture of its many cities. Get a taste of the famous sweet and spicy scented Sichuan cuisine. Immer se yourself in the culture and socialize in rehouses. H ike up t o the stunning E’mei Mountai n. Travel to the beguiling Gia nt Buddha in Leshan. Do this and much more. Experie nce life in Sichuan.

Salary Range: 7,000-8,000 RMB/Month

Other Benefits:
Accommodation within the campus
flight bonus 8000 RMB after full completion
Z Visa Provided

1. Plan and deliver English lessons 2. Teach in the classroom less than 16 hou rs per week, work 5 days for one week 3. Implement suitable classro om manag ement system 4. Evaluating student progress and prov iding ongoing gu idance for improvemen t 5. Take part in campus activities and events like English Corner or others
Please contact Leo at for more information, we look forward to hear from you soon.

Salary: 7000 CNY to 8000 CNY Monthly
Housing: Yes, provided
Work visa provided: Yes
Work Location: Deyang

- Teaching experience
- Passport holders

To apply visit this link: