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Lamp With Clock (For Sale)

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The lamp with clock - based LED - box bedside lamp is a wonderful product that can be a wireless Bluetooth box, a FM radio, an intelligent touch night light, a hands-free speaker, or just a music player, all in an amazing unit! This fashionable LED lamp combines many popular devices into a convenient unit. Using this Bluetooth device can reduce the confusion on the desktop. The device can play music through mobile phones or other devices. The purpose is to praise almost all decorations. This multi-purpose wireless lamp will enhance and compliment you in any position. Make the driving light, more fashionable - small and light; as an intelligent touch small night light, there are 7 modes of lighting level, click on the top, the lighting mode will change, while playing music increases the atmosphere. As a Bluetooth speaker, it can be compatible with Bluetooth devices and support TF / SD cards. The hands-free can be free of listening to music and answering the phone.

If you are interested, please contact us:
General Manager: Jenny Lee
Phone number: +8615258532577
Whatsapp: +8615258532577
Address: Haicheng Road, Baiguan Industrial District, Shangyu City, Zhejiang Province, China