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Home » International Classifieds » Denmark Classifieds » 2500 Room, 10 Sqm, 2800 In Deposit

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Business Services
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Southern Denmark
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2500 Room, 10 Sqm, 2800 In Deposit (For Sale)

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2500 room, 10 sqm, 2800 deposit, rental period unlimited, A / C consumption per mdr 0, takeover 03.06.2018, old-fashioned country road 158 pcs, partly furnished. Hi, I am studying a room next to a living room and a quiet person of 10 sqm with large window facing a green backyard. Bus 8a drive straight to the door. There is wired internet access if desired. There is access to kitchen and bathroom as well as laundry. The room will be rented from 03.06.2018 or no later than 15.06.2018. rent is 2800 kr and 2800 kr in the deposit. It is free of residence.

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Pedersholms lle 13, 7100 Vejle,Denmark