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Teach English In Beijing, Up To 18k RMB/ (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
Requirement for Full-Time: 1. 40 working hours with 2 days off per week. 2. Teaching English (no more than 100 teaching hours per month) to students aged 3-16. 3. Assisting R& D for designing curriculum systematically as well as school events like festival activities, promoting activities or summer/winter camps. 4. Providing working visa ( if you're qualified according to the requirement as below). 5. Providing housing subsidy RMB2000/per month. 6. Monthly salary: RMB10000-18000, depending on individual's qualifications and performance. And raise is negotiable after terminating one year contract. 7. At least signing one year contract. 8. Free monthly training's with lunch, annual school outing,bonus for great performance.9. Opportunities of taking domestic or overseas summer/winter camps. 10. Multi-cultured teammat es. Required papers for working vi sa: * Above BA degree. * more than 2 years of working experien ce. * Non-criminal record ( must be valid within 6 months) * Health check up record. All the required papers must be notarized by the embas sy. For more details, please email A976@directapply.findworkabro

Salary: 10000 CNY to 18000 CNY Monthly
Housing: See job description
Contract type: full time
Work visa provided: Yes
Teaching Students age: See job description
Work Location: Beijing, Beijing
Working hours: See job description
Positions available: 5

- Teaching experience
- Degree in any field
- Passport holders

To apply visit this link: