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High Paid Musical Theatre Teacher In Bei (For Sale)

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As one of the first to use an English drama education curriculum in China, we adhere to the respect, explore, hope, empathy values, respecting each child's uniqueness and guiding them to understand themselves and explore diversity and all possibilities of the world. At present, we have become one of the best brands in English drama education. We have a team of outstanding teachers who all share the same vision of imparting quality education to students at young age. Right now we're recruiting enthusiastic, dynamic and highly motivated teachers who will be able to contribute positively to the work of English drama teaching. Job description Musical Theatre Teacher Training, lesson plan model, teaching materials and scripts are provided. Work and share ideas with the exiting teaching team from different cultures and different theatre background. Create curriculum, workshop, lecture and training's with the whole teaching team. Able to lead vocal exercise and dance, teach songs, mime, improvisation... and all different kinds of musical exercises. Direct the annual productions for different level classes and summer/winter camp productions. Working hours(full-time): 40 hours per week, including 20 hours teaching. Two days off each week. Prepare necessary teaching aids and props for each class where necessary. Review your student's record before preparing for the end of term evaluations. Be ready to substitute another teacher in classes where called upon by the supervisor. Maintain excellent communication with parents and students before and after class. Conduct and/or assist in demo classes. Prepare and Assist in Event Days, Theme Days activities and lectures Help each other in the annual productions, work as stage manager, sound control, light control, stage crew, etc. Make set, prop and buy costumes for the productions. Requirements Essential qualifications Clear pronunciation of English, no strong accent Bachelor/Master Degree in Performing Arts / Theatre / Directing or at least two years working experience as a drama teacher with a reference letter provided. Good with kids from 7-17 years old Non-criminal Record Medical check Preferred but not essential Qualifications Native English Speaker Acting or directing experience Outgoing personality with lots of vocal and physical energy is preferred. Salary Salary based on experience and qualification. We also like to know your expectations. A general range is 15-23k RMB after tax, including 3000 housing allowance. Airfare reimbursement: up to 8000 RMB/year Contract completion bonus up to 5000 RMBHealth Insurance is provided. Relocation assistance for temporary housing: 5000 RMB set-up loan. Paid Training opportunities Day Off allowance: 10 work days /year Paid Holiday Leave: 11 days /Year On board 15 days free hotel Contact Information Contact name: Valery Email address: A702@directapply.find