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Professional Dog Boarding - Cagefree (Free)

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Holiday Pet Care Boarding -- The Cagefree Alternative!
A Doggie Slumber party!

Having full days to romp around with their friends, they may hardly notice you're away! No more anxiety sitting in a kennel just waiting for you to return.

Our style of boarding is very different to the normal 'kennel' style that most people are accustomed to. Our Guests are not caged! We have couches, beds, blankets and TV -- all the comforts of home!

Dogs are fully attended to 24 hrs/day.

Holiday Pet Care also provides other services for your pets, such as Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Dog Daycare and Grooming at our location in Thornhill (8234 Yonge Street)

Visit us on our website or on facebook!

Holiday Pet Care
8234 Yonge Street, Thornhill, ON
905-764-2954 416-561-PETS (7387)
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