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Gold For Sale In China +27734187430. (For Sale)

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Au gold bar ,dust&rough diamond for sale
((Notes))- I deal with Buyer but not Dealer) +256785696883
We are Members of the Local Mining Community in Congo and East Africa, in charge of Marketing, for the local miners
Advertising, communication and sources to the potential Diamond and
Gold Dust buyers, agents/brokers or partners for our Mined Gold Dust (
Au-Metal ) and Diamond. Prior To The Latest Privilege According Local
Gold and Sell their Diamonds and Gold Dust ( Au-Metal ) themselves, Thus my offer of Gold
Dust (Au-Metal) and Diamonds ( Rough Stones ) to prospective buyers,
Brokers, representatives, agents, intermediaries and partners willing To Establish Meaningful Business transaction that is Viable and Durable with us. Hence, I'm
offering you a Fresh Gold Dust (Au-Metal ) for sale with the following
specifications and details. Gold Bars and Gold Nuggets Whole sale / Retail.,;'; +27734187430 UAE Switzerland New zealand