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Executive Assistant Position -Non Teachi (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
Position Requirements Under 35 years old, bachelor degree or above At least 3 years senior management experience Know about Chinese culture and have basic Chinese language skill Strong ability of judgment understanding, communication and coordination, organization, analysis and schedule implement. Good personal cultivation, strong sense of responsibility and rigorous work style, affinity, understanding of business etiquette, good temperament. Work content: Overseas operation, preparation. Help dealing with Business license and market recruitment. Preliminary work on experience center and development operation center Assist the general manager in handling company affairs. Salary level: 4000 RMB-20000 RMB per month depending on your work experience and your location Application Resume+ the position applied The picture of your Passport Recent photos. Contact information: Name: headmaster Guo Telephone: 18500102224 010-68391510(We Chat): wxid-3s7aafo17rtn22 Email:

Salary: 4000 CNY to 20000 CNY Monthly
Housing: See job description
Contract type: full time
Work visa provided: Yes
Teaching Students age: See job description
Work Location: Beijing, Beijing
Working hours: See job description
Positions available: 5

- Teaching experience
- Degree in any field
- Passport holders

To apply visit this link: