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Trexa EForms, A Complete Digital Documen (Free)

Trexa is an enterprise solution that helps you convert paper forms, pdf forms and document processes paperless, efficient, and automated by making them digital. Deploy to internal teams or customers on the web or mobile and efficiently collect and analyze your data on an interactive dashboard.

What makes it different from others market-leading solutions is that it provides a complete solution to the biggest problems of adopting the digital solution for replacing the papers. While many of the eForm solutions on the market are disruptive and dont account for different business needs, we have designed the complete platform for all the businesses from small scale to large scale.
Our customer orientated focus and problem-solving nature has helped us in putting together different business needs into one single package. We have worked with hundreds of small business owners to understand their challenges, unique needs and how they use the forms in a day to day life to make the platform perfect. Every business uses and processes forms differently but the underlying approach is the same and we are able to standardize that approach to target every business needs.

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To spread the awareness of our platform and related benefits of not using paper forms and go digital to save natural resources,
To know more about how Trexa can benefit your organi