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all in China
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IVY Group 16-22k English Lead Teacher**B (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:

16-22k+ English Lead Teacher * * Bilingual Kindergarten

START DATE: 13 August 2018


· Applies Multiple Intelligences theory in classroom practice

· Oversees and participates in the designing, creating, and assessing of innovative activities

and enhancing our existing curriculum

· Creates and maintains a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for chil dren

· s parents abo ut their child’s experience at school in writing and in person

· Contributes to the overall success of the school, including participates in at least one after

school activity and other mar keting events

· Adheres to * Group policie s and procedures

· Oversees and maintains the observation, assessment and recording of the stu dents’ growth

and development throughout the entire school year

· Provides and maintains measures that will ensure child safety and welfare during school



1. Education, Training and Experience

· Degree in Education from a recognized university, early childhood preferr ed

· 2 years of experi ence as a lead teacher in a kinderg arten

· Native English speaker

· Special education training preferred, but n ot require d

· Understanding of Multiple Int elligences theory (to be provided b y The * Group)


Salary: 16000 CNY to 22000 CNY Monthly
Work visa provided: No
Teaching Students age: kindergarten
Work Location: all in China

- Teaching experience
- Degree in any field
- Passport holders

To apply visit this link: