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16-23K Foreign Teachers In Need In Suzho (For Sale)

To Apply visit this link:

16-23 K Foreign Teachers in Need in Suzhou Asap

Homeroom Teachers: Kindergarten and Primary School

ESL Teachers: Kindergarten and Primary School

Subject Teachers: Primary School

Duties (Homeroom Teachers)

1. Be responsible for the holistic development and inclusion of each child to ensure their well being

2. Teach assigned subjects of the curriculum

3. Plan, prepare, and deliver differentiated lessons that cater not just to the whole class, but also to students with diverse abilities

4. Organize the classroom and learning resources to create a positive learning environment

5. Motivate students with enthusiastic and creative class activities

6. Monitor student behavior as well as advise and encourage observance of School Code.

7. Record, evaluate, and report student learning outcomes to further facilitate student development

8. Provide credible feedback to students, parents, and colleagues