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20K-25k English Teachers Needed In Tongz (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:

20 K-25k English Teachers Needed in Tongzhou Kindergarten ASAP

Beijing * * International Kindergarten is looking for foreign teachers who are responsible for class teaching and management. The kindergarten is located in Tongzhou District. It s only a few hundred meters away from the future landmark in Tongzhou. The scenery here is very beautiful. There are cinemas in the neighborhood. There is a Waterway Park at the south gate of the community. There are eight classes now, with maximum of twenty kids in each. There are eight more classes to be recruited. The outdoor area is around 9000 square meters. If you are interested, please contact with HR.

Payment details:

Salary: 20 K-25k for native speakers

non native speakers below 20k

House: Separate bedroom

Holiday: Christmas 1 day, Easter Thanksgiving, half a day.

Visa: we can manage your work visa for you.

If interested, please send