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ESL Teachers In Changsha, 16-18k RMB Wit (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:

Job description:

Prepare lessons well and write down teaching plans prior to teaching.
Conduct English lessons alone or with Chinese teachers.
Assess children's work, such as words, sentences, reading, drama performances and art work.
Take an active part in children's extra-curriculum activities of the employing Party.
Take part in campus promotion if it needs.

Monthly salary package:

Monthly Salary:
16-18k RMB (based on Native/non native/specialty/experience/certificate)
- Full attendance bonus(No personal leave or lateness)500 RMB/ month
- Housing allowance 2, 000 RMB/ month
- Monthly Performance Bonus500 RMB/month

Other Benefits:

Medical Insurance after probation
Demo class Bonus
Summer& Winter Holidays(Jan/Fed/July/Aug)
4,000 RMB Airfares reimburse after 1year contract
Free Mandarin Lessons
11paid national holidays - Free Team Bonding(Trip) Sessions