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Johor Bahru
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Best Seafood Restaurant In Johor Bahru (Notice)

Johor Bahru is undeniable for their supply of fresh seafood and all are available at the top seafood restaurants in the town.

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Grand Bayview Seafood is one of the Seafood Restaurant in Johor Bahru located at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru. You will surely spotted on the huge lobster statue in front of the restaurant.

The Senibong Seafood Village has 7 seafood restaurants along the road. All the restaurants are facing the ocean and it is located at the Kampung Senibong in Permas Jaya.

Todak Seafood provides the Straits of Johor sight-seeing while having dinner. This restaurants was established in 1999 and has a good reputation as the best seafood restaurants in Johor Bahru.

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