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15-18K Native English Teachers Needed In (For Sale)

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Subject To Teach: Oral English teaching for children from 3 years old to 6 years old. Office Hours per week: 5 *8h Working Days per week: According to the schedule of foreign teachers' courses established in the park, they can adjust the situation in a flexible manner. The neutral time can be coordinated to foreign teachers' teaching in other parks. Students Age: 3-6 years old Class Size: 25-35 students in one class Duration of each class: 15-30minutes in one normal class, the teaching program of international class is a half-day class. Work location: Beijing and other cities: Foreign Teachers Requirements Nationality: Only native speakers from English Spoken countries Degree: Bachelor degree or above, 2 years teaching experience. Certificate: TEFL or other teaching certificate preferred Teaching Experience: Candidates with educational work experience are preferred especially in early childhood, and work or internshi