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Sanya Primary School Is Looking For Home (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
Sanya primary school looking for native English teacher(18. 08. 07) Homeroom for grade 4
Address Sanya City Hainan Province
(Salary and Benefits):
Monthly salary: 18333-25500 RMB before tax
Bonus monthly/semester/yearly?: 5% of the year base salary after one year
Moving allowance: 2000 RMB
Flight allowance: 8000 RMB/year
Festival: the same to the Chinese staffs and Christmas day
Pay Summer/Winter holiday:
Housing allowance /Free apartment: 5000 RMB/month
Providing business insurance: yes
Flight allowance: 8000 RMB/year
Meal providing: Lunch
Z-visa assisting: yes
(Work requirement):

Starting time: 2018. 08. 20
Nationality and Number?: Native speaker, American, Canadian&hellip.
Gender and Age: N/A
Working time: Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday off;
30 minutes/class; 30 classes/week
Monday to Friday 8: 30-4: 30.
Student Grade: G