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Thousand Oaks CA
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Go Where You Are Celebrated, Not Merely (Free)

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When work works, it is glorious. Seriously. You wake up energized and enthused in the morning, ready to go to work, eager to express your gifts and talents because it gives you great pleasure to do so. You feel inspired, excited, and maybe even a little scared. But thats okay. Because when work works, you feel a flutter inside of excitement and challenge. And you want to get to it. When work works, work is serving you. You are not serving it. You are its master. Alignment with your gifts and talents and your boundaries, Expression, Fulfillment, Reward, Work serves you-these are the elements by which you came to know if you are satisfied with your work or not, If not then you must change your work, job or profession as soon as possible. But this does not happen most of the time, if you are not able to take a decision or confused about your career then you must take advice from a professional Career Change counselor . Contact Rebecca Le Vine for Transition Coaching Services and more details or information. Visit