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Good Pay!20000-24000 RMB For ESL Teacher (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
Job Description

School Introduction:
Mellong American School is an English training center with a focus on teaching young learners who are planning or preparing to study abroad in the future. Our school uses materials from the U. S. We use additional TOEFL materials for those preparing for TOEFL examinations. Our teaching hours are weekday evenings and weekends.

Job Title:
English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher. (Full-Time), only American, Canadian and British

Age Range:
Students range between 7 to 16 years old.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
l Plan, prepare, and teach well developed lessons which enthuse and inspire students, and promote enjoyment of learning.
l Provide instruction that is consistent and coordinated with the school's instructional program so as to ensure that students meet and exceed learning target s.
l Develop and deliver lessons that utilize a broad range of appr