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Scholastic (Suzhou) Language Training Sc (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
Scholastic (Suzhou) Language Training School needs ESL Foreign teachers

Good location, modern area in Suzhou ---- Suzhou Industrial Park ( SIP )

4: 30pm to 6: 00pm and 6: 30pm to 8: 00pm (Workday)
9: 00am to 18: 00pm (Weekends)
Two days off per week (

Students age: 3-12 years old

Salary: Rmb 15000 to 18000
Accommodation provided
Bonus upon finishing one year contract
Medical Insurance
Working visa

Native English speakers only from USACanada Australia New Zealand UKIreland South Africa.

Docs needed for the job applying to apply working visa:
1) Passport
2) Authenticated degree
3) Authenticated police check
4) Authenticated 120hrs TEFL certificate or 2 years teaching experience recommendation letter from schools

Any question pals contact: Jenny Shu ( Suzhou Overseas Affairs Service Center)

Salary: 15000 CNY(RMB) to 18000 CNY(RMB) Monthly
Housing: Yes, Provided