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15000-17000RMB For English Teachers For (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
Position: English Teacher
Location: Shangqiu Normal University, Shangqiu city, Henan Province.
Duration: 1 year contract (could be renewed)
Number of Classes: around 24 classes per week(based on school schedule), each class 45-50 minutes, no office hours.
Salary: 15,000 RMB
Student age: 16-18

Requirements: Native English speaker from USA, UK, Canada, Australisa, New Zealand
At least 2 years of relevant teaching experience
Bachelor degree or above, TESOL
certification or equivalent(TEFL, CELTA), at least 2-year teaching experience,
Z visa.
Requirement: Prefer Australians, also foreign teachers with working or studying experiences in Australia could be considered, BA degree or above.
Provide on campus apartment and flight allowance
If you have interest, pl send your Cv to us, we will arrange interview for you! Jiajia Teaching in China A1876@directapply. findworkabroad. comwechat: 18839784015 Skype: A1