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Up To 15K RMB With OWEN Education In Bea (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:
Up to 15000/month with OWEN Education in Chongqing
No Experience needed. Must be NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER with a college degree and TEFL qualification

Who we area.

OWEN Education is a Private English Language Institute with 35 locations in Chongqing, Chengdu and Kunming cities, China. Employing over 100 foreign professionals, we are one of the biggest foreign employers in China with a huge foreign community, lots of social activities, sports teams and musical bands.

Take a look at our website and see for yourself https: //www. indication. com/new

You can also watch a brief introduction video about us https: //youtu. be/u DMe Z-Gi EJw

OWEN Education has a huge R& D department with an amazing team of both foreign and Chinese members which you can also be a part of.

OWEN Education also runs an internationally recognized TEFL program and you can get a free TEFL course and certificate by joining OWEN Edu