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Do You Ever Want To Work And Live Neat T (For Sale)

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To Apply visit this link:

Native ESL teachers wanted for early 2019! We are waiting for you to join
Location: Coastal city of Dalian, Liaoning
school nature: kindergarten
Student Ages: 3 to7
Class size: 25-35 students
Weekend off
Work Responsibilies
No office hours
Maximum 25 teaching hours per week/5working days
Student Ages: 3 to15
Class size: 25-35 students
Starting day: can come to china within 3 months

Salary and Benefits
14000-16000 RMB monthly after tax plusfree single apartment
5000 RMBContract completion B onus
3000 RMBflight reimbursement
Paid Chinese public holidays
1 year contract
Arrival assistance(Airp ort pick-up and apartment search)
Free hotel upon arrival
Ongoing training and development workshops
Lesson plan and materials provided

1, Native English speaker only
2, Bachelor degree or above;
If you are interested, please kindly apply ASAP, we ha